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leaching;solid-liquid extraction
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nature : also known as solid-liquid extraction. Solvent extraction and separation of mixtures of solid components of the process. Baptist solid mixtures in selected solvents, the use of its components in the different solvents solubility, dissolution soluble components of the solution, and the solid residue can be separated. For example, the use of ethanol extraction of soybean oil, flooding from the sugar beet etc.. The leaching process, the solid mixture of soluble components in the proliferation of solid to liquid-solid two-phase interface, and then spread to solvents. In order to accelerate the transfer two white material, we must intensify our two-phase liquid-solid interface area. Therefore, in general, are composed of small bulk powder or granular solid mixtures. The atmospheric pressure or under. Widely used in chemistry, metallurgy, food and nuclear industries.

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