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polyoxyethylene;polyethleneglycol;polyethylene oxide
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : also known as PEO, diethylene glycol ethers. By by polymerization of ethylene oxide from the different degree of polymerization of the material. It is a polyether. A thermoplastic. Low molecular weight is viscous liquids. Water soluble. For less. HMW cereus is solid. Soluble chloroform, dichloroethane, benzene or toluene heat. Sculpture for processing, or making films for packaging agricultural pharmaceutical, ink powder, detergent and medicine. Soluble in water generated by the viscous liquid can be used as a thickener and adhesives. With the proceeds of propylene oxide copolymer resin, polyurethane foam is an important component.

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More Detailed Data:
1) polyoxyethylene;poly(ethylene oxide)
2) polyoxyrthylene;polyethlene glycol;polyethylene oxide
3) Ethene, homopolymer, oxidized;Ployoxyethylene;oxidizedpolyethylene;Ethene,homopolymer,oxidized
4) poly(ethylene oxide);PEO
5) PEO;polyethylene oxide
6) Ethylene oxide
7) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
8) Ethylene oxide;Oxirane;Epoxyethane;Anprolene
9) ethylene oxide;epoxyethane;oxane
10) epoxyethane;ethylene oxide
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