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sulphur dye(s)
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : one category is for aromatic compounds, the molecular structure of complex sulfur dyes. Divided into four series. (1) General sulfur dyes (ordinary sulfur dye), the required application for reinstatement dissolved sodium sulfide, dyeing, and then by oxidation, so Dye anchor in the pollutants was on. Used mainly cellulose fiber dyeing. (2) S Series sulfur dyes (solubilised sulfur dye), referring to Coke or sodium bisulfite and the formaldehyde-treated sulfur dyes is water-soluble, mainly for the textile viscose fiber before coloring. (3) The newly developed system polycondensation (condensesulfur dye), the molecular structure containing Thiosulfate base. When staining using sodium sulfide or thiourea role in making dye molecules polycondensation reaction to form disulfide bonds, prompted more than two dye molecules polycondensation Chengdu University of dye molecules anchor in the 100 cellulose fibers. (4) Reduction of sulfur dyes series (sulfur dye vat), the staining of insurance when required insurance powder or powder-sodium sulfide as the reductant. Color Fastness and performance between sulfur dyes and reduction of a dye dyes.

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More Detailed Data:
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8) dye;dyestuff
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