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pneumatic dryer
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nature : Continuous pressure of a dryer. For dry in the wet state gas despite the free flow of granular materials. If the dyes, pharmaceuticals, such as salt. Usually the material with a combination of crushing operation. Wet materials from Canada through the trough can be adjusted for the number of input into the feed drum, through feeding the rotating drum into the bottom of vertical pipe. By air blower into preheater heated to 80-90 ° C before blowing vertical pipe, pipe flow decided to wet particle size and density is generally 10-20 m / sec. Dry particles has been a strong flow has been taken to the buffer (the top closed), and the land along the tube into CYCLONE. Dry materials settlement after discharge from cylinder, exhaust bag filter through from the top of the exhaust pipe to drain away. The main advantages are : (a) hot air drying with direct contact with the materials, dry fast, high strength; (2) drying time is short, only 5-7 seconds; (3) simple structure, small footprint; (4) applied to mass production. Weakness is more energy consumption. Widely used in the pharmaceutical, plastics, fertilizers and other industries. According equipment types can be divided into straight tube (type) air dryer, Tornado (-) air dryer, pulse (type) such as air dryer.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) flash dryer
2) tube type pneumatic dryer
3) pulsed pneumatic dryer
4) dryer;drier
5) vortex conveyor dryer
6) vortex conveyor dryer
7) Dryer
8) pneumatic drying
9) desiccator;exsiccator
10) pneumatic drying
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