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ferric hydroxide;ironic hydroxide
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : Fe (OH) 3 brown flocculation and sedimentation. Density 3.4-3.9. Heating gradual decomposition of iron oxide derived. Do not dissolve in water, ethanol and ether, dissolved in acid. In the acid solubility products made with the length of time determined, the new system of acid-soluble inorganic and organic acids, placed some time, it is hard to dissolve. The system for paint, drugs, and as such arsenic antidote. By ferric chloride or ferric nitrate solution increases ammonia solution and precipitation in the system.

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More Detailed Data:
1) ferric hydroxide;ironic hydroxide
2) Ferric hydroxide;iron hydroxide;iron trihydroxide;ferrichydroxide;iron hydroxide
3) ferric hydroxide
4) ferric hydroxide
5) ferric oxide;diiron trioxide
6) ferric oxide;iron oxide
7) ferric oxide
8) Ferric oxide
9) Iron oxide red;AM 125;AX 1000;Ancor FR;Ancor FY;Auvico AX 1000;BUS;EP-A 0014382;Ferroxon 422;Ferroxon 430;Ferroxon 510;Gastromark;JC-CPW;KN-O;Lautamasse;Luxmasse;MAP 514;MIO 2F;MIO 40GN;MIO-KS;MION 46L;Magnet Black S 0045;NAT;NYB 40;Prodorite Filler;R 2899HP;R 8098;SE-DBS;Siferrit;TAN 20A;TMB1120;Tarox LL 50;Tarox R 110;Tenshoin Bengara;Toda Color 100ED-PR101;Toda Color 160ED;Iron oxide
10) Iron oxide;Ferric oxide, red;iron oxide;Ferric oxide,red
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