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nature : Milk from mammals to designate a double sugar. Milk containing about 4% -5%, human milk contained about 6.7%. Acid hydrolysis by other elements in the D-glucose and D-galactose. Yes reducing sugar, can cost-reduction solution. The crystallization temperature aqueous α-lactose, in the above 93 ° C crystallization of β - galactose. Α-lactose or lactose ordinary. A faint sweetness, usually with members of crystalline water. Was monoclinic crystal. Out of 120 ° C crystallization of water, and rapid heating, 201-202 ° C melting point. There is a change in their rotation aqueous solution, [a] 20D - 92.6 ° to +83.5 ° (10 minutes) ?+69 ° (50 minutes) ?rehabilitation ° (22 hours). Beta-lactose than α-lactose slightly sweet. White crystals. 252 ° C melting point. Their solution has changed spin phenomena. [Alpha] 25D +34 ° (3 minutes) ?+39 ° (six minutes) ?+46 ° (1 hour) ?52.3 ° (22 hours). Beta-lactose in water at room temperature after changing into α-lactose, the latter heating to 93 ° C over into another β - galactose. Lactose soluble in water, soluble in micro methanol, ethanol, is not soluble in chloroform and ether. The system is widely used baby food, candy, such as margarine. Media can do, the color layer and the absorbent Shaped drugs.

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