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nature : in the form of biological cells in vivo can accelerate the chemical reaction rate material. From organisms, mainly from microbial cells extracted from living cells and as a catalyst to the overall microbial mainly of living cells, curing and immobilized enzymes and cells. With non-biological catalysts compared with biological catalyst in ambient temperature and pressure reaction, with low volume and high catalytic efficiency and specificity strong advantages. Because of shortcomings is easy to heat, subject to certain chemical substances and the destruction of the bacterial inactivation of the reaction temperature, pH requirements more stringent. Biocatalysis process widely used in the food, light and chemical industries, sewage treatment, energy and other fields, such as alcohol and vinegar brewing, food production, starch into glucose and Portuguese fruit syrup, ethanol, acetic acid, acetone, butanol, lactic acid, citric acid, amino acids, using n-alkanes, methane, ethanol production of single-cell protein, such as the occurrence of methane gas.

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1) biocatalyst;biological catalyst
2) Biotechnology
3) catalyst;catalytic agent
4) catalyst;catalyzer
5) Biological
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