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biological engine eing;biotechnology
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nature : also known as biotechnology. Various methods of the natural sciences, technology to influence or change the life of the natural phenomenon of the process to achieve the service of humanity purpose are included in the bio-engineering areas. The current focus on six areas of technology, namely : (1) gene and protein engineering; (2) cell fusion technology; (3) microbial and plant and animal cells cultured in a large number of technology; (4) bioreactor technology, including fixed and immobilized enzyme cell technology and reactor control and optimization; (5) biological function of the components for it, as an important part of bionics, including the synthetic enzyme, biofilm and the synthetic simulation; (6) non-genetic manipulation of organisms with the direct use of technology, including fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering and biological products from the project (downstream projects). Actually above the demarcation line technology is not very clear, even as it is cross-cutting, such as fermentation engineering will inevitably include bioreactor technology and product separation technology.

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