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nature : H2O odorless and tasteless liquid. Shallow virtually colorless, when the deep blue. The relative density of 0.99987 (0 ° C). The boiling point of 100 ° C. Freezing 0 ° C Molecular hydrogen and oxygen than the weight is 1:8. In nature into gaseous, liquid and solid exist. 4 ° C in the density of the largest (1 g / ml), when the ice density decreases, the volume, in all solid and liquid substances, water largest heat capacity. Many compete water dissolved substances is the most important solvents. With sodium and calcium metal work and lively emit hydrogen. Also with fluorine, chlorine, bromine and other metal work activity. Non-metallic oxides and acid synthesis. With many of synthetic material hydrate. Widely distributed in nature. The air containing water vapor.江?河?湖?沼?海?洋充满着水? There is a cold region ice. Soil and rock layers have a lot of water. Water is an indispensable component.

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