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Aminoguanidinium nitrate;Aminoguanidine nitrate
Molecular formula : CH6N4.HNO3
MW : 137.10
CAS No. :10308-82-4

nature : 145-147 melting point ° C.

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More Detailed Data:
1) hydrazinecarboximidamide, mononitrate;aminoguanidine nitrate;Amino guanidine nitrate
2) Amino guanidine nitrate
3) Guanidine, mononitrate;Guanidine nitrate;Uramine nitrate;guanidinium nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;guanidinenitrate
4) triaminoguanidine nitrate;TAGN
5) Guanidine, mononitrate;Uramine nitrate;Iminourea mitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Guanidine nitrate
6) nitrate
7) guanidine nitrate
8) Guanidine nitrate
9) guanidine nitrate
10) Guanidine Nitrate;Aminomethanamidine nitrate;Carbamamidinc nitrate;Carbamidine nitrate;Aminoform
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