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Molecular formula : C10H12O2
MW : 164.20
CAS No. :97-53-0

nature : density 1.066. Temperature -12 -- 10 ° C. The boiling point 254 ° C. Refractive index of 1.54-1.542. Water-soluble slightly soluble.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Eugenol;2-Methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)phenol;4-Allyl-2-methoxy phenol;5-Allylguaiacol;1-Allyl-4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzene;Eugenic acid
2) Eugenol;2-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)-Phenol;4-allyl-2-methoxy-pheno;1,3,4-eugenol;1-hydroxy-2-methoxy-4-allylbenzene;1-hydroxy-2-methoxy-4-prop-2-enylbenzene;2-methoxy-1-hydroxy-4-allylbenzene;2-methoxy-4-(2-propenyl)phenol;2-methoxy-4-allylphenol;2-methoxy-4-prop-2-enylphenol;2-metoksy-4-allilofenol;4-allyl-1-
3) eugenol
4) eugenol
5) eugenol;eugenic acid;caryophyllic acid;allylguaiacol
6) eugenol
7) isoeugenol
8) isoeugenol
9) isoeugenol
10) isoeugenol
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