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Molecular formula : C8H16
MW : 112.22
CAS No. :111-66-0

nature : a colorless liquid. -102 ° C melting point, boiling point of 122 ° C ,61.5 - 61.7 ° C (13.3kPa), the relative density of 0.7149 (20 / 4 ° C), 1.4087 refractive index, a flash point of 21 ° C. With alcohol, ether immiscibility, almost insoluble in water.

Preparation : Pentane bromine and magnesium first role with bromopropene activity. Using metal magnesium, anhydrous ether, iodine methane synthesis Grignard reagents and then to add boiling bromine anhydrous ether and pentane mixture, plus the return after 2h. Then gradually joined bromopropene the ether mixture, the reaction smooth, then return 1 hour, and then adding water to make it decomposition. Layer Separation ether ether after recycling, fractionation remnants collect 115-123 ° C boiling point distillate namely crude. To add crude metal sodium return 2h, cooling filter, and then efficient fractionation, the collection point 121-122.5 ° Cfraction shall be finished.

purposes : for organic synthesis.

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