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Diazoaminobenzene;1,3-Diphenyltriazene;Anilinoazobenzene;Benzeneazoanilide;Diazobenzeneanilide;1-Triazene, 1,3-diphenyl-;N-(Phenylazo)aniline
Molecular formula : C12H11N2
MW : 197.24
CAS No. :136-35-6

nature : a golden yellow sheen of squamous crystallization. 99-100 ° C melting point. Soluble in benzene, ether and thermal alcohol, do not dissolve in water. Flammable, heated to 150 ° C explosion.

Preparation : aniline with sodium nitrite, and then condensation of aniline derived.

purposes : organic synthesis intermediates. Preparation for the right-azobenzene, accession to the synthesis mixture of aniline and sodium nitrite solution, 30-40 ° C ,2.5-stirring within 3h add 30% hydrochloric acid, warming up to 50-55 ° C, nitrobenzothiazolyldiazoaminoazobenzene benzene generated by the transposition of azobenzene : As Dye Intermediates for the synthesis of dyes, disperse dyes, Oxazine dye. Benzene also nitrobenzothiazolyldiazoaminoazobenzene for foaming agent, curing agent and initiator.

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More Detailed Data:
1) diazoaminobenzene;diazobenzeneanilide;1,3-diphenyltriazene
2) Diazoamino benzene;1,3-diphenyl-1-Triazene;1,3-diphenyl-triazen;1,3-diphenyl-1-triazene;1,3-diphenyltriazene;1,3-diphenyl-1-triazen
3) diazoaminobenzene
4) diazoaminobenzene
5) diazo aminobenzene;diazoaminobenzene
6) Diazoamino benzene;Benzene azoanilide
7) Aniline;Aminobenzene
8) aniline;aminobenzene;phenylamine;benzenamine;aniline oil
9) Aniline oil;Aminobenzene;Phenylamine;Benzenamine
10) Aminobenzene;Phenylamine;Aniline
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