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Tertiary amyl alcohol;2-methyl-2-Butanol;2-Methyl-2-butanol;tert-pentyl alcohol;1,1-dimethyl-1-propanol;2-methyl-2-butanol;2-methyl butanol-2;3-methyl-butanol-(3);3-methylbutan-3-ol;amylene hydrate;dimethyl ethyl carbinol;dimethylethylcarbinol
CAS : 75-85-4
formula : C5H12O
molecular weight : 88.15
boiling point : 102 ° C
melting point : -12 ° C

Chinese name : k tert - amyl alcohol
two methyl ethyl
special pentanol
third pentanol
two original methyl ethyl alcohol

English title : Tertiary amyl alcohol
2 - Methyl-2-butanol
tert - pentyl alcohol
1,1 - dimethyl-1-propanol
2-methyl butanol - 2
3 - methyl-butanol - (3)
amylene hydrate
dimethyl ethyl carbinol

traits Description : transparent colorless volatile liquid, a special showing of smell and taste. -11.9 ° C melting point, boiling point of 102 ° C and relative density of 0.8084 (20 ° C), the refractive index of 1.4058 (20 ° C), a flash point of 21 ° C. Dissolved in water, with ethanol; Ether; Benzene; Chloroform; Glycerol and oil and many other organic substances formed azeotrope with water to form azeotropic composition of tert - amyl alcohol, 72.5%, 27.5% water, a total of 87.35 ° C boiling point.

production methods : (1) of acetone; Acetylene for raw materials, alkyne, generated from hydrogenation. Acetylene will be dissolved in liquid ammonia, acetone and catalyst mixture of acetylene into the reactor, the reaction solution by the flash, not the separation of reaction of acetylene and ammonia, not steamed reaction of acetone, the Methylbutyne Alkynols entered Hydrogenation Reactor, generate tert - amyl alcohol, dehydration, generated from refined products.

(2) from isoamylene derived by adding water.

(3) by using n - pentane and hydrolysis by chloride formed on the mixed alcohol fractionation obtained. Using the raw materials pentane dehydration anhydrous hydrogen chloride, chlorine evaporated after mixed into the reactor, the reaction temperature is 250-300 ° C. After four resultant reaction distillation column distillation isolated chlorine pentane. All were in the hydrolysis of the oil sodium as the catalyst with sodium hydroxide solution to make chlorine pentane hydrolysis, rough amyl alcohol and water separation; Distillation available primary alcohol containing 59%, 36% SIN alcohol, tert-alcohol 5% of amyl alcohol. The introduction of acetone and acetylene as raw materials, access to a purity of 99% of the products.

material consumption fixed : acetone 1040kg / t; Calcium carbide 1500kg / t; Hydrogen (99.5%) 650m3; Liquid ammonia 135kg / t; Potash 340kg / t.

purposes : mainly for the production of new pesticide triadimefon, which frequently ketone, triadimefon, triazolam, alcohol, seed protection agents, can be used for synthetic musk n indinavir, and color film for the coupler .

tert - amyl alcohol production of intermediate product Methylbutyne Alkynols also be useful pharmaceutical intermediates and Terpenoid spices intermediates, and for the manufacture of corrosion inhibitors agents, viscosity stabilizer to reduce viscosity, and for the manufacture of plating nickel, copper polishing agent , chlorinated hydrocarbons, such stability.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Tertiary amyl alcohol;tert-Pentylalcohol;2-Methyl-2-butanol;Dimethylethyl carbinol;Ethyl dimethyl carbinol;tert-Pentanol;Amylen hydrate;tert-Amylalcohol
2) Tertiary amyl alcohol
3) 2-Methylbutan-2-ol;tert-Amyl alcohol;Dimethylethylcarbinol;t-Amyl alcohol;tert-Pentyl alcohol;2-Methyl-2-butanol
4) tert-amyl alcohol;2-methyl-2-butanol
5) tert-amyl alcohol;tert-pentyl alcohol
6) tert-amyl alcohol;2-methyl-butanol
7) 2-Butanol;sec-Butyl clcohol;Butylene hydrate;2-Hydroxybutane;Methyl ethyl carbinol
8) 1-Pentanol;Amyl alcohol;n-Butyl carbinol;Pentyl alcohol;Alcohol-C5
9) 2-Butanol;2-Butyl alcohol;1-methyl propanol;1-methyl-1-propanol;1-methylpropyl alcohol;2-butylalcohol;2-hydroxybutane
10) secondary butyl alcohol;2-butanol
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