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drug name : amoxicillin - Beikenuo Dayton

English : Amoxicillin

Alias : amoxicillin, Fulaimo Star, Amu-resistant, strong Bi-lin, Kwong Lam, amoxicillin and then-Foreign
Name : Amoxicillin, Almodan, Bristamox, BRL - 2333, Clamoxy, Daxipen
pharmacology and role : the strains of semi-synthetic penicillin, ampicillin antibacterial spectrum and the same. Sterilization strong, and its ability to penetrate the cell wall also strong. After oral administration of a drug-lactamase immediately hydrolysis peptide bond formation, and the rapid transfer of bacteria in vivo peptide enzyme inactivation make it, cut off switch on the bacterial enzyme peptide synthesis glycopeptide for the construction of the wall only way. Finally bacterial cell wall damaged by water Expansion of the infiltration and death. most of the pathogenic bacteria and G + G-bacteria (including cocci and bacilli) has a strong bactericidal effect. which right hemolytic streptococcus, brucellosis, salmonella and other enterococci moderately or mildly sensitive. the half-life of about 61.3 minutes. Spectrum antimicrobial and antibacterial activity and ampicillin basically the same, but the bactericidal effect than the latter strong and rapid, it can not be used for the treatment of meningitis. The goods acid in gastrointestinal absorption good, and does not affect food.
indications : used for treatment of typhoid, other Salmonella infections and typhoid carriers of the bacteria sensitive urinary tract infection and pneumonia bacteria, not producing Penicillium Luciferase aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and influenza caused by Bacillus ear, nose and throat infection and soft tissue infections.
adverse reactions and attention to matters : side effects occur in approximately 5% to 6%, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and other gastrointestinal reaction more young, and there are drug fever, asthma.
usage and usage : oral, a 0.5% ~ 1g, every six to eight hours a; Children with a daily 40 ~ 80mg/kg body weight, in three to four doses. Intramuscular injection or intravenous drip after dilution, 0.5 to 1g per day, three to four times; Children under weight daily 50 ~ 100mg/kg, 3 to 4 minutes regimen.
specifications : tablet : eases, 0.25g. Capsule : eases, 0.25g. Injection : 0.5g.

categories : antibiotics
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