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drug name : double whale Beijing

English : omeprazole

Alias : Security parazosin stomach; omeprazole; omeprazole; methicillin methyl bromide; Ottawa must methimazole; Wumi parazosin; Ya-feng imidazole, Losec
Foreign Name : Omeprazole
traits : k
white-class white crystalline powder, melting point of 156 ° C.
pharmacological effects :
research and development in recent years is the mechanism different from the H2 receptor antagonist role of the new anti-peptic ulcer drug. Its specific role in gastric parietal cells and reduced cell wall of potassium hydrogen ATPase activity, thus inhibiting gastric acid base and the stimulation of gastric acid secretion. Since potassium ATPase hydrogen known as a "proton pump", so the drug, also known as "proton pump inhibitor."
indications :
primarily to the duodenal ulcer and Zhuo-Ai syndrome, can also be used for anti-ulcer and reflux esophagitis.
consumption usage :
oral or intravenous : the treatment of duodenal ulcer, each 20 mg, once daily, treatment 2 to 4 weeks. Treatment Zhuo-Ai syndrome, the initial dose of 60 mg per day a meeting of more than 90% of patients with a daily 20 ~ 120mg can control symptoms. If greater than 80 mg daily dose should be divided into two regimen. Treatment of reflux esophagitis daily dose of 20-60mg.
Note :
1. Adverse reactions and the incidence is similar with ranitidine, nausea, abdominal pain and so on. Rash has occurred, is generally mild and transient, with most of the treatment is not affected. 2. The materials have the enzyme inhibition, some liver by the cytochrome P450 system of drug metabolism, such as dicoumarol, stability, phenytoin, its half-life drugs can extend a label. 3. The FDA must first rule out the possibility of malignancy. Because the FDA to alleviate the symptoms so delayed diagnosis. 4. Pregnant women and lactating women with caution. Yet the goods for children.
specifications : capsules : Each capsule 20mg. Injection : each 40mg.

categories : antacid and the antiulcer drug
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