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albumin tannate;tannalbin
Molecular formula:
molecular weight:

traits: light brown or pale yellow powder, odorless tasteless.
solution: do not dissolve in water, chloroform, ethanol and ether.
purposes: antidiarrheal medicine, the role of convergence antidiarrheal. For acute gastroenteritis, non-bacterial diarrhea in children and dyspepsia.
preparation or sources: from the egg white with dilute solution of tannic acid derived.

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More Detailed Data:
1) albumin tannate;tannalbin
2) albumin tannate;tannalbin
3) Tannalbin
4) Tannins;Tannic acid;Digallic acid;chestnut tannin;mimosa tannin;quebracho tannin
5) Tannin
6) tannic acid
7) Tannins;Tannin;Gallotannin;Tannic acid;Digallic acid;Larch tannin, extract
8) gallotannic acid;tannin
9) albumin
10) Albumins, blood plasma;Bovine albumin;albumin;Albumins,blood plasma
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