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2-Chloroacrylic acid;a-Chloroacrylic acid, 98% (Assay)
Molecular formula : C3H3ClO2
MW : 106.5085
CAS No. :598-79-8

nature : no

Preparation : No

purposes : No

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More Detailed Data:
1) alpha-Chloroacrylic acid;2-Chloroacrylic acid
2) 2-Propenoic acid;Acroleic acid;Acrylic acid
3) acrylic acid;propenoic acid
4) Acrylic acid
5) Acrylic acid;Propenoic acid
6) Acrylic acid;Acroleic acid;Ethylene carboxylicacid;Propenoic;Vinylformic acid
7) propenoic acid;acrylic acid
8) ;acrylic acid;propenoic acid
9) 2-Chloroacrylic acid sodium salt
10) 2-chloro-acrylic acid methyl ester;2-chloroacrylic acid, methyl ester
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