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Molecular formula :

nature : Haiming, also known as tea benzene, benzene-jun it, but he Mortimer, diphenyl methicillin triethylamine hydrochloride diphenyl properly prescribed. For oily liquid, the boiling point of 150 to 156 ° C (0.27kPa) hydrochloride for its crystalline powder, melting point : 166 to 170 ° C Vulnerable to dissolve in water, alcohol, chlorine Li, insoluble in benzene and ethyl ether, see light gradually become darker in color. By benzyl chloride and benzene in raw materials post. H1 of histamine receptor antagonist, histamine can weaken the vascular, gastrointestinal tract and the role of bronchial smooth muscle, inhibition of central nervous system. For allergic diseases, pregnancy vomiting. Preparations are tablets, injections, creams. Side effects were commonly dry mouth, lack tired, headache, nausea, occasionally rash, long-term use can induce anemia, the pilot work would not be suitable.

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