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lead styphnate;lead 2,4,6-trinitroresorcinate
Molecular formula :

nature : commonly known as the lead styphnate (lead styphnate), the initiation of a low-quality primary explosive. With a molecular crystal water, orange light red to brown crystals. Almost insoluble carbon tetrachloride, benzene and other non-polar solvent slightly soluble in acetone, methanol and acetic acid, soluble in 25% ~ 30% ammonium acetate solution, under normal temperature in the water solubility of 0.04g/100g. 3.02g/cm3 density. Melting point 260 ~ 310 ° C (explosion). Erupted 282 ° C (5s); Deflagration point 275 ~ 280 ° C; When the density 2.6g/cm3 detonation velocity 4.9km / s; Acting ability 130ml/20g (Pb TING reaming value); Impact sensitivity (400g drop hammer) Oct. limit and the lower limit of 11. 5 cm; friction sensitivity 70%; Flame sensitivity 54cm (all angry maximum height). Section 100 ° C for 48 hours a weightlessness 0.38%, the second 48 hours of weightlessness 0.73% 100h within explosion. By nitrate solution and lead styphnate (2,4,6-dinitroresorcinol) of sodium or magnesium salt solution prepared by the reaction. The flame Detonator flame for sensitive drugs, acupuncture Detonator for acupuncture medicine, and the fire hat while working for non-corrosive drug component, but not suitable as detonators separate charge. Basic lead styphnate (basic lead styphnate) are also widely used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and firing pin medicine. But alkaline salt than Chinese salt insensitive.

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More Detailed Data:
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