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    The invention concerns a method for oxidising with oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas, hydrocarbons into corresponding carboxylic acids, alcohols and/or ketones or alcohols and/or ketones into corresponding carboxylic acids. More precisely the invention concerns a method for oxidising hydrocarbon, alcohol and/or ketone using oxygen or an oxygen-containing gas, in liquid phase and in the presence of a catalyst dissolved in a reaction medium. The invention is characterised in that the catalyst comprises a soluble manganese and/or cobalt compound, at least a soluble chromium compound and at least a soluble iron compound.
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01813399 Application Date
Title 名称 Method for oxidising hydrocarbons, alcohols and/or ketones
Publication Number
1444555 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date 2006.02.15 Granted Pub. Date 2006.02.15
International Classification 分类号 C07C51/31;C07C55/02;C07C55/14;B01J23/84;B01J23/86;B01J23/889
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Rhodia Polyamide Intermediates
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 E. Fache
Attorney & Agent 代理人 guo jianxin

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