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    The preparation method of aspirin microsphere adopts oil-in-oil technique, its internal oil phase is an organic solution of polycaprolactone, polylactic acid or polylactic acid copolymer, and the liquid paraffin or vegetable oil is its external oil phase, and its emulsifier is Span. When it is prepared, the clathate of the cyclodextrin or cyclodextrin derivative of aspirin can be dispersed in internal oil phase by using ultrasonic wave, then the internal oil phase is emulsified in external oil phase by means of medium-speed stirring, and then the internal oil phase solvent is volatilized at 20-50 deg.c, after the microspheres are handened, they are undergone the processes of centrifugal separation, washing with petroleum ether and natural drying at room temp. so as to obtain the invented product.
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03129097 Application Date
Title 名称 Preparation method of aspirin microsphere
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1460469 Publication Date
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Zhejiang Univ.
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