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    An audio system having wholly independent audio processing modules. The audio system includes a plurality of audio processing modules, a clock manager, a sample rate converter and a buffer. The audio processing modules are communicatively coupled to the clock manager and the buffer. The sample rate converter is communicatively coupled to the clock manager and the buffer. The buffer provides for storing audio data generated and consumed by the audio processing modules. The clock manager provides for determining the clock source of each audio processing module. The clock manager also provides for configuing the audio processing modules and the sample rate converter as a function the clock source of each audio processing module. The sample rate converter provides for synchronizing a flow rate of audio data generated by a first audio processing module an a flow rate of audio data consumed by a second audio processing module, when the clock source of the first and second audio processing modules are different.
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200580009383 Application Date
Title 名称 Method and system for synchronizing audio processing modules
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