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    A peak power suppressor for facilitating realization of a desired peak factor without increasing the device scale and without degrading the use efficiency of the storage area. A clipping section (102) suppresses the peak power of the transmission signal according to the clipping coefficient (a). A filter section (103) limits the frequency band of the transmission signal the peak power of which is suppressed. A coefficient correction signal generating section (111) detects the instantaneous input power (Pin) of the transmission signal inputted into the clipping section (102) and the instantaneous output power (Pout) outputted from the filter section (103). The coefficient correction signal generating section (111) computes the variation (Delta a) of the clipping coefficient (a) from the instantaneous input and output powers (Pin, Pout). A coefficient setting section (108) varies the clipping coefficient (a) according to the computed coefficient variation (Deltaa).
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200580009174 Application Date
Title 名称 Peak power suppressor and peak power suppressing method
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1934814 Publication Date
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Matsushita Electric Ind Co., Ltd.
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 luxiao zhang lixiao shu

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