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    An assembly (10) of three telecommunications modules (12, 14, 16) each having an equal number of contacts for connecting wires (18, 20, 28) therewith, comprises splitter circuits (30', 30''), the number of splitter circuits (30', 30'') being equal to half of the number of contacts of each module (12, 14, 16), one third of the contacts (24, 74) of the assembly (10) being adapted to transmit a line signal, one third of the contacts (22, 72) of the assembly (10) being adapted to transmit a POTS signal, and one third of the contacts (26) of the assembly (10) being adapted to transmit a DSLAM-signal. A module, particularly for use within an assembly, is open at a side other than a front side, at which contacts are exposed, so as to allow at least one splitter circuit (30', 30'') to be at least partially inserted into the module.
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200580008402 Application Date
Title 名称 An assembly and a telecommunications module for use within such an assembly
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1934876 Publication Date
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3M Innovative Properties Co.
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 huangqi hang mude jun

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