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    A method and system for switching a radio access technology (RAT) between wireless communication systems connected to each other while implementing different RATs with a multi-mode WTRU are disclosed. A plurality of wireless communication systems are deployed with overlapping coverage areas wherein each system implements different RATs and are connected to each other such that a service that is provided by one system may be provided through the other system. Each wireless communication system transmits an indication of the existence of an inter-working wireless communication system in a coverage area of each system. The WTRU receives the indication and information regarding the inter-working wireless communication system. The WTRU then initiates a handoff to the inter-working wireless communication system using the received information, whereby the WTRU continues to receive the same services that the WTRU receives from the currently connected wireless communication system through the inter-working wireless communication system.
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200580007899 Application Date
Title 名称 Method and system for switching a radio access technology between wireless communication systems with a multi-mode wireless transmit/receive unit
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1934880 Publication Date
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Interdigital Tech Corp.
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