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    The present invention relates to a lawn weedicide and its preparation method. The composition of said lawn weedicide includes (by wt%) 1-50% of alpha-bifluoropropanoic acid, 1-20% of fenchlorazole, 5-10% of synergistic agent and the rest is adjuvant. Its preparation method includes the following steps: synthesizing monofluoride, synthesizing bifluoride, dissolving three kinds of isomer compounds in acetylacetone, separating to obtain alpha-bifluroropropanoic acid solution, mixing alpha-bifluoropropanoic acid, fenchlorazole, bromoxynil and adjuvant, stirring them uniformly so as to obtain the invented weedicide.
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200610107052 Application Date
Title 名称 Grass lawn herbicide and its preparing method
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1934946 Publication Date
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Zhang Weixing
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 mouzhi shan

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