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    The present invention relates to a kidney-tonifying tea. It is made up by using (by wt%) 10-20% of Chinese herbal medicine akebia fruit, 30-50% of persimmon leaf, 10-30% of hedyotis hedyotidea, 10-30% of stevia rebaudiana, 10-20% of green tea and 10-20% of cratoxylum prunifolium through a certain preparation process. Said product has the several health-care functions of reducing blood fat, reducing blood sugar, regulating blood pressure, and possesses a certain effect for curing hypertension, hyperlipemia and hyperglycemia, etc.
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200610051233 Application Date
Title 名称 Kidney-tonifying tea
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1934975 Publication Date
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Zhang Shisheng
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 chenzhong dun

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